What we offer
Educational Courses
Educational Courses

Ever wanted to learn more about subjects, skills, or just wanted to brush up some of your knowledge? We offer educational courses focused on helping students learn subjects, from the foundational concepts to the complicated. From videos, to articles and practice questions, students can watch, read, and practice to learn.

Additional resources

Ever needed study guides, study notes, or just cheat sheets for the last minute reviews? We have pdfs, links, playlists, and lists of other websites that you can use to help give you that final review right before a test or to use as a quick reference whenever you need it!

Expert contributors

A common quote is, a student can only be as good as the teacher. So why not learn from those most knowledgable? From a team of ISEF finalists, International Science and Math Olympiads, Professors, HYPSM/Ivy League grads and undergads, and successful organizations, we strive to provide the best courses from the most experienced.

Entirely free

All of our courses are entirely free. No catches or fees anywhere. We don't even use credits, or any monetary or currency related system. We believe that knowledge should be available to all students regardless of what, who, and where.

Skill Based
Skilled based courses

Our courses are skilled based, focused on providing you with the content you need for research, projects, and whatever you're working on! We offer courses such as ethical hacking, graphic design, paper writing, and step-by-step website building tutorial.

Progression timeline

We offer a clear and upfront progression timeline so that students can know how far they've gone, and the parts that are coming ahead. Already experienced in one aspect? Move on and start learning ahead!

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The hardwork and dedication from the NovaCrypt team is what built this organization. Combining ingenuity and skills, the team work as a single unit, which brings out the content and resources we use and share! Want to join our NovaCrypt team and volunteer for the organization? Fill out the form below and we'll contact you, or look out for open positions we announce on our discord server!

Support Us!

Whether it be providing new content or capabilities on our site, or funding student projects, your continuous support allows us to create new free courses with great mentors and provide our students with the resources and opportunities to start their own research, projects, businesses, and organizations. The costs to provide web developer services like premium wordpress, bootstrap studio, and others are usually hefted by our executive team, but donations will greatly help us move onto larger projects and resources to offer to students! We strive to give students the ability and resources to make a difference in society, starting at a young age. Thank you, we are eternally grateful for your aid, whether monetary or not, and we hope we can continue to provide high quality support to students!